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Translations - Help needed! Staff babasnae babasnae 0 babasnae babasnae over 3 years ago
Hello I would be very happy if someone can help with the characters funkyquariat funkyquariat 2 funkyquariat funkyquariat 2 days ago
Help with japanese acetate sodaknows sodaknows 3 anchobi anchobi 3 days ago
Translation assistance - and a curious band - 1980s J-Rock cassette terminalescape terminalescape 1 zooliscool zooliscool 5 days ago
need help submitting sodaknows sodaknows 3 anchobi anchobi 6 days ago
おっちゃま声 / 拍手子 kroed kroed 1 Clothdrum Clothdrum 17 days ago
Help I can't post images. collector-mk collector-mk 0 collector-mk collector-mk 21 days ago
Help with Chumei Watanabe album GialloMusica GialloMusica 0 GialloMusica GialloMusica 23 days ago
SOLVED: TRACK ID: May it be 志賀勝 (Masaru Shiga) ? Rozario_Agro Rozario_Agro 1 Rozario_Agro Rozario_Agro about 1 month ago
hi. I want to buy a lot of CDs ygx44 ygx44 3 sasiij sasiij about 1 month ago
Chigusa Nagayo discography Fwto13 Fwto13 4 Fwto13 Fwto13 about 1 month ago
Need help with translation VinylJunkie1987 VinylJunkie1987 3 Seelentau Seelentau about 1 month ago
SOLVED: Looking for the title to this J-pop song Rozario_Agro Rozario_Agro 0 Rozario_Agro Rozario_Agro about 1 month ago
Japanese taiko group Yamato ericvisser ericvisser 3 ericvisser ericvisser 2 months ago
Need help to identify Japanese 80's new wave / synthpop tracks ivo6 ivo6 2 ivo6 ivo6 2 months ago
Help with finding out the date of this recording the_fix the_fix 1 choan choan 2 months ago
Campus Records is not a label, but a company manabu manabu 2 manabu manabu 2 months ago
hi. I want to buy a lot of CDs ygx44 ygx44 1 Tokyoalien Tokyoalien 3 months ago
SOLVED TRACK ID: Late 1970s & early 1980s Japanese City Pop Rozario_Agro Rozario_Agro 6 Rozario_Agro Rozario_Agro 3 months ago
Help with note translation... baldorr baldorr 2 baldorr baldorr 3 months ago
Need some help with a classical recording EntePips EntePips 0 EntePips EntePips 4 months ago
Help adding Japanese "Dark Ducks" LP to Discogs soficshifts soficshifts 2 soficshifts soficshifts 4 months ago
Have Japanese Records from Korean War Era GhostLady GhostLady 8 GhostLady GhostLady 4 months ago
Translation help request (DIY emo / hardcore) terminalescape terminalescape 0 terminalescape terminalescape 5 months ago
TRACK #ID: 1980's Japanese City Pop (all female artists) Rozario_Agro Rozario_Agro 3 Rozario_Agro Rozario_Agro 5 months ago