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Heavy psych with sax or flute? mishrazz mishrazz 10 ShamanBlues113 ShamanBlues113 14 days ago
What are you listening (right now) (page: 2, 3, 4) .Gamma. .Gamma. 355 SalloTheRed SalloTheRed 24 days ago
MORE THAN SOUNDS : Webzine Rock/ Metal et Vidéos de concerts. Morethansounds Morethansounds 1 lplord lplord 10 months ago
Hell - Pesanta Preorder sneakysnake sneakysnake 4 sixakbal sixakbal about 1 year ago
Quality podcasts? mishrazz mishrazz 3 SwollenGoat SwollenGoat about 1 year ago
Stoner, Doom, Sludge, or something else? ailleurs ailleurs 4 ailleurs ailleurs over 2 years ago
The Machine - Solar Corna - Looking for Trade rrrDiT rrrDiT 5 Bongofire Bongofire over 2 years ago
What did you get new? Micha-66 Micha-66 34 Micha-66 Micha-66 over 2 years ago
NEST - Metempsychosis (blackened sludge) maniyaxrecs maniyaxrecs 1 maniyaxrecs maniyaxrecs over 3 years ago
Doom stonerfest Biokornloyal1690 Biokornloyal1690 10 DefaultUk DefaultUk over 3 years ago
Recommendations! Swingdoor Swingdoor 23 lplord lplord over 3 years ago
DEKONSTRUKTOR - Eating the universe Tape. Out now! (Doom/ Industrial) gabalgabow gabalgabow 0 gabalgabow gabalgabow over 3 years ago
Drone / dark ambient alternating_bit alternating_bit 1 sixakbal sixakbal over 3 years ago
New Bands you should listen to setalightrecords setalightrecords 89 Micha-66 Micha-66 over 3 years ago
Epic instrumental stoner/doom... Dead_of_Night Dead_of_Night 7 Micha-66 Micha-66 over 4 years ago
"Record Scalping"? UnendingVoid UnendingVoid 16 The_Vinyl_Minimalist The_Vinyl_Minimalist over 4 years ago
Prog love: Crippled Black Phoenix - BVS12" [RIYL Pink Floyd / Anthemic Goodness] grnwytm grnwytm 0 grnwytm grnwytm over 4 years ago
Yellow Sun by Yoofi ft Riffy Jay of Sober Pilots & Juma Mufasa (Produced by Jump Yoofi Yoofi 0 Yoofi Yoofi over 4 years ago
FRANCE HARD ROCK NEWS gabalgabow gabalgabow 1 gabalgabow gabalgabow over 4 years ago
Doom In the Mail. mr.doomyshoes mr.doomyshoes 10 firebythesea firebythesea over 4 years ago
Anyone else stoked for new iron monkey in almost two decades? mr.doomyshoes mr.doomyshoes 2 mr.doomyshoes mr.doomyshoes over 4 years ago
New Sleep ?? Swingdoor Swingdoor 11 mr.doomyshoes mr.doomyshoes over 4 years ago
New Electric Wizard kraba kraba 3 mr.doomyshoes mr.doomyshoes over 4 years ago
Record protectors UnendingVoid UnendingVoid 4 UnendingVoid UnendingVoid over 5 years ago
Slomatics - Future Echo Returns maxwellschultz maxwellschultz 1 rrrDiT rrrDiT over 5 years ago