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New Style Request Mega-Thread (page: 2 ... 9, 10) Staff Diognes_The_Fox Diognes_The_Fox 909 Pleasure_Symbol Pleasure_Symbol 10 days ago
Feedback request: How do you find and compare specific releases? Staff Jillbo Jillbo 39 FloydFan60 FloydFan60 13 days ago
Disabling Tracks and the updated Collection features (for the time being) (page: 2, 3, 4) Staff nik nik 391 Jillbo Jillbo 4 months ago
Guideline Changelog (page: 2) Staff nik nik 135 Diognes_The_Fox Diognes_The_Fox 4 months ago
Correct Vote date bug? JonLS JonLS 3 JonLS JonLS about 9 hours ago
BUG credits capitalisation julass julass 3 hannes_grigull hannes_grigull about 13 hours ago
Discogs is very clunky and slow since the new update ultimathulerecords ultimathulerecords 8 sdiscog sdiscog about 15 hours ago
A lot of obvious merges are going unvoted right now amoebasinger amoebasinger 4 GoodVaibes GoodVaibes about 19 hours ago
Feedback request: Artist discography sorting Staff Jillbo Jillbo 11 Jillbo Jillbo 1 day ago
Filter By Sleeve Condition f0rrestw f0rrestw 0 f0rrestw f0rrestw 1 day ago
Label page roles, similar to artist pages. Skool_Teacher Skool_Teacher 5 baldorr baldorr 1 day ago
Statistics show no more than 50 collectors (page: 2, 3) Staff kraftberg kraftberg 205 Perplexer- Perplexer- 1 day ago
New Feature: Add Master release (as single entry) to Wantlist Staff howlingfang howlingfang 1 Jillbo Jillbo 1 day ago
BUG in displaying Notes containing ' symbols Staff testuser01 testuser01 6 BK202 BK202 3 days ago
Suggestion: "Ships from: EU" feature needed! mafaldecas mafaldecas 0 mafaldecas mafaldecas 3 days ago
Lost Account SLouWebb1980 SLouWebb1980 0 SLouWebb1980 SLouWebb1980 3 days ago
To edit a dataset no longer possible FloydFan60 FloydFan60 13 Square_and_round Square_and_round 4 days ago
Japanese pages have some serious glitch komebitsu komebitsu 2 komebitsu komebitsu 5 days ago
Complete (Fuller) PLN Vs Abreviated (Shortend) Skool_Teacher Skool_Teacher 0 Skool_Teacher Skool_Teacher 5 days ago
BUG? Cancel or update orders not showing up, Anyone with the same problem? sychmusic sychmusic 0 sychmusic sychmusic 6 days ago
BUG: Shipping label has the wrong orientation jigsawrecords jigsawrecords 1 jigsawrecords jigsawrecords 6 days ago
Latest Reviews / Comments not appearing on user profile page Staff Jarren Jarren 10 Jarren Jarren 6 days ago
Discogs dark theme Dr.SultanAszazin Dr.SultanAszazin 34 TemplarSaint TemplarSaint 6 days ago
Bug: Not able to edit releases supere10 supere10 1 Swissomat Swissomat 7 days ago
French bug? Can't view any history release & can't edit anything cdestock29 cdestock29 1 seppuku seppuku 7 days ago