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CIP Member Vote Request Thread (page: 2 ... 5, 6) Staff Diognes_The_Fox Diognes_The_Fox 527 sommortyme sommortyme about 22 hours ago
List: Available Mentors for CIP members Staff Diognes_The_Fox Diognes_The_Fox 85 jaawsshhh jaawsshhh 17 days ago
Contributor Improvement Program Rules Staff NessFan NessFan 80 Diognes_The_Fox Diognes_The_Fox over 3 years ago
Exit the CIP piluso124 piluso124 2 Clothdrum Clothdrum about 10 hours ago
Help to exit the CIP piluso124 piluso124 0 piluso124 piluso124 3 days ago
Contributor Improvement Program RaritySound RaritySound 59 jweijde jweijde 8 days ago
Greetings, make several corrections in my articles vinilforever2014 vinilforever2014 2 Flambient Flambient 10 days ago
contributor improvement program kyeo kyeo 0 kyeo kyeo 12 days ago
Authentifizierungfehler GiraffenMan GiraffenMan 4 pinkindustries pinkindustries 28 days ago
Getting out of CIP :( jaawsshhh jaawsshhh 0 jaawsshhh jaawsshhh 28 days ago
DISCOGS is now such a "JOKE"!! crowbycrow crowbycrow 26 hatfulofelt hatfulofelt about 1 month ago
I've been selling a long time now, please remove me from the CIP status Groovacious Groovacious 4 berothbr berothbr about 1 month ago
I want to add my own released album to the database JH1985 JH1985 2 Clothdrum Clothdrum about 1 month ago
Getting off the CIP Vashbul Vashbul 8 DonHergeFan DonHergeFan about 1 month ago
Help to exit CIP sweetmemories sweetmemories 16 sweetmemories sweetmemories about 1 month ago
Get Me Off The C,I,P Recordman100 Recordman100 1 Clogwhistle Clogwhistle about 1 month ago
Getting Of the CIP Recordman100 Recordman100 2 Recordman100 Recordman100 about 1 month ago
New registered on CIP vanillalite vanillalite 3 DonHergeFan DonHergeFan about 1 month ago
I need help... theangel3 theangel3 1 sommortyme sommortyme about 1 month ago
Unsure of how to edit Pending releases since being put on CIP. emotional emotional 3 omassilia07 omassilia07 about 1 month ago
Corregir una contribución para una correcta visualización Nanker-Phelge Nanker-Phelge 1 Clothdrum Clothdrum 2 months ago
Help me Leave CIP, I don't know how to proceed anymore. tauinside tauinside 3 typoman2 typoman2 2 months ago
Help to exit the CIP piluso124 piluso124 6 sommortyme sommortyme 2 months ago
i need to leave the cip lupedj61 lupedj61 2 lupedj61 lupedj61 2 months ago