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API Announcements Staff vreon vreon 32 snikwahj snikwahj about 1 year ago
API Frequently Asked Questions Staff rodneyfool rodneyfool 0 rodneyfool rodneyfool over 7 years ago
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Unable to authenticate using OAuth (1) >12002: 12002: operation timed out DrRoboculous DrRoboculous 0 DrRoboculous DrRoboculous 10 days ago
'position' format? SwissMatt SwissMatt 0 SwissMatt SwissMatt 13 days ago
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masters.xml v. api v. discogs.com web page Staff lincoln17 lincoln17 6 snikwahj snikwahj 21 days ago
API integration issues Staff MariaShippyPro MariaShippyPro 10 snikwahj snikwahj 24 days ago
Anyone had success extracting text from album cover images? faraz12inch45rpm faraz12inch45rpm 0 faraz12inch45rpm faraz12inch45rpm about 1 month ago
"Sign in with Apple" in login screen violates AppStore Guidelines oscadan oscadan 0 oscadan oscadan about 1 month ago
Enable Sign in with Apple for OAuth Authorization Web Page Staff WunDaii WunDaii 15 oscadan oscadan about 1 month ago
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missing lp & cd. Nektarios_Fragias Nektarios_Fragias 0 Nektarios_Fragias Nektarios_Fragias about 1 month ago
"Add To List" choice grayed out for only one list nanuv3ca nanuv3ca 0 nanuv3ca nanuv3ca about 1 month ago
Error Forbidden 1 carizon86 carizon86 0 carizon86 carizon86 about 1 month ago
API connection with Pirate Ship OrionsLine OrionsLine 0 OrionsLine OrionsLine about 1 month ago
API for value (min, med, max) per album douglasbrown douglasbrown 6 douglasbrown douglasbrown about 1 month ago
API bug fix request - "lists" API endpoint 502 error. radum radum 10 roggrogg roggrogg about 1 month ago
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Master Release Year on Album detail endpoint no-me-acuerdo no-me-acuerdo 0 no-me-acuerdo no-me-acuerdo about 1 month ago
Origin https://www.discogs.com is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origin GemQuinn GemQuinn 4 johanz johanz about 1 month ago
When is ACS 5-year for 2014 coming out? Chaske37 Chaske37 0 Chaske37 Chaske37 about 1 month ago