Die Beatles

British rock/pop group, formed in Liverpool, England during the late 1950s. Signed to recording contract with EMI in 1962.

The lineup (1962-70) comprised John Lennon (vocals, guitar, harmonica, keyboards), Paul McCartney (vocals, bass, guitar, keyboards, percussion), George Harrison (guitar, vocals, sitar), and Ringo Starr (drums, vocals, percussion). During 1961, Stuart Sutcliffe (bass) and Pete Best (drums) were also members.

Following an initial period as a straightforward Mersey-beat group, later recordings saw them experiment with psychedelia, incorporating innovative production techniques involving tape loops and other effects. Although the group split in 1970, they have continued to release special products.

Inducted into Rock And Roll Hall of Fame in 1988 (Group). By 2015, all four members were inducted also as individual solo artists.


SHZE 117 The Beatles - Please Please Me Und Andere Knüller album art Die Beatles* Please Please Me Und Andere Knüller (Album) HÖR ZU SHZE 117 Germany 1964 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

S-4182 The Beatles - Sie Liebt Dich (She Loves You) album art Die Beatles* Sie Liebt Dich (She Loves You) (Single) Swan S-4182 US 1964 Sell This Version
A8117 The Beatles - Komm, Gib Mir Deine Hand / Sie Liebt Dich album art Die Beatles* Komm, Gib Mir Deine Hand / Sie Liebt Dich (Single) Odeon, Odeon A8117 Australia 1964 Sell This Version

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September 18, 2021
The greatest rock band of Alltime! I love The Beatles!!


September 5, 2021
Greatest punk band ever. Really squares up to the powerviolence scene as well.


May 10, 2021
edited 5 months ago
"Rare And Unseen: The Beatles" (Liberation Entertainment LIB6126, Barcode: 5060131391250) DVD is not listed on the "Videos" section.


April 10, 2021
In this 2008 interview asking Keith Richards who the five greatest bands ever are besides The Rolling Stones,and he said obviously he puts The Beatles in there.This was of course 6 years before he ridiculously criticized The Beatles brilliant Sgt.Pepper album that The Rolling Stones tried but failed to copy and equal.

Keith says in this interview,but he's not going to say The Who or Led Zeppelin because he'd be lying because they are not his favorites.



April 10, 2021

In this August 1971 interview in Rolling Stone Magazine that I posted on here a few days ago, Keith says that The Rolling Stones in their early days experienced hysteria like Beatlemania from female fans,and screaming where they couldn't be heard while playing live and that there were no monitors in those days.

He also says that The Beatles are so f***ing good at what they did it's a shame they broke up in such a tatty way.




April 10, 2021

The Beatles wrote and played 50 years worth of mostly great ( and what wasn't great was still good) popular,critically acclaimed,diverse music in only an amazing 8 year recording career and no other band or solo artist has ever done this before,during or since.And they wrote countless great rock n roll,rock and even some hard rock,but they didn't just write rock music because they were so creative and diverse,they wrote all types of great music even though they were primarily a great *rock band*.

Their music is also the most covered of all time by every type of music artists,Motown,jazz,classical,pop,rock,and even heavy metal with the 2006 heavy metal Beatles tribute album,Butchering The Beatles:A Headbashing Tribute produced by grammy award winning producer guitarist and guitar player in the group kiss,Bob Kulick featuring many hard rock and heavy metal musicians including big Beatles fan Lemmy from Motorhead etc



April 10, 2021

Ozzy Osbourne has been a big Beatles fan since he was an early teenager,and he picked She Loves You as one of his favorite songs for Rolling Stone Magazine's 500 Greatest songs and Sgt.Pepper is one of his favorite albums. He says that not loving The Beatles is like not loving oxygen and he called The Beatles the greatest band to ever walk the earth. Ozzy Osbourne said in a youtube video that for some reason was removed, that he doesn't think anyone will ever be as great as The Beatles and he said they were all great,even George Harrison and Ringo Starr were great.

There is a youtube video of Ozzy Osbourne meeting Paul McCartney for the first time and they hug each other


Ozzy Osbourne says how hearing She Loves You at age 15 inspired him to go into music


In a youtube video both Ozzy Osbourne and Tom Petty praise The Beatles,the early Beatles in this clip but The Beatles in general.


In 2016 Ozzy Osbourne and his son went to Cuba and visited a John Lennon statue there,and his son asked Ozzy if he is team John Lennon or Paul McCartney,and Ozzy said both and that for him Lennon and McCartney are the best thing that ever happened.




April 10, 2021

As The All Music Guide says in their extensive excellent Beatles biography written by Richie Unterberger "That it's difficult to summarize their career without restating cliches that have already been digested by tens of millions of rock fans, to start with the obvious,they were the greatest and most influential act of the rock era and introduced more innovations into popular music than any other rock band of the 20th century."

"Moreover they were among the few artists of *any* discipline that were simultaneously the best at what they did *and* the most popular at what they did." They also say as singers John Lennon and Paul McCartney were among the best and most expressive in rock.


Also on Music Radar Tom Petty,Joe Perry and Richie Sambora in What The Beatles Mean To Me all say how great they thought The Beatles were when they first saw them on The Ed Sullivan Show in February 1964 when they were just teen boys,Richie was only 5.Tom Petty said he thought they were really really great.And Alan White from the group Yes is also interviewed.




Robin Zander of Cheap Trick said he's probably one of the biggest Beatles fans on the planet. Brad Whitford of Aerosmith said that a lot of that Beatles influence comes from Steven Tyler's collaboration with Mark Hudson both whom are absolute Beatles freaks and he said I guess the goal is to try and emulate probably some of the best music of the last 50 years which has to be The Beatles.


April 10, 2021

Here are many great reviews of The early Beatles albums by Brian Passey for USA Today's The Spectrum music page and here is his review of Please Please Me The Beatles Debut Album Was Just The Beginning he says the album was the beginning of something special, and says actually it wasn't just special it was monumental, it was the biggest thing to happen to rock n roll since it's invention a few years earlier. He then says, it was the beginning of the greatest band in history of not just rock n roll but of popular music.

The Beatles Debut Album


With The Beatles Reveals Legends In The Making


The Beatles Invade With a Hard Day's Night


The Beatles Changed The Face Of Rock Music With Help


Exhausted Beatles Still Shine on Beatles For Sale Brian rightly says that part of what established The Beatles as the greatest rock n roll band of all time, was the prolific nature of their early work.


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