Italian rock/pop band, founded in 1966.
Band line-up has just slightly changed during all these years.
However, the historical formation is rather known as the following:
Roby Facchinetti: born 1-5-1944 in Astino, little zone close to Bergamo, north Italy.
Dodi Battaglia: born 1-6-1951 in Bologna, Italy.
Red Canzian: born 30-11-1951 in Quinto di Treviso, little town close to Treviso, north Italy.
Stefano D'Orazio: born 12-9-1947 in Roma and died 6-11-2020 in Roma, Italy. Left band in 2009, still continuing to have good relations with them.


VRM 36033 Pooh - Per Quelli Come Noi album art I Pooh* Per Quelli Come Noi (Album) Vedette Records VRM 36033 Italy 1966 Sell This Version
VRMS 358 Pooh - Contrasto album art I Pooh* Contrasto (Album) Vedette Records VRMS 358 Italy 1968 Sell This Version
VPA 8083 Pooh - Memorie album art I Pooh* Memorie (Album) Vedette Records VPA 8083 Italy 1969 Sell This Version
40 S 64592 Pooh - Opera Prima album art I Pooh* Opera Prima (Album) CBS 40 S 64592 Italy 1971 Sell This Version
40 S 69023 Pooh - Alessandra album art I Pooh* Alessandra (Album) CBS 40 S 69023 Italy 1972 Sell This Version
CBS S 69043 Pooh - Parsifal album art I Pooh* Parsifal (Album) CBS CBS S 69043 Italy 1973 Sell This Version
CBS 69118 Pooh - Un Po' Del Nostro Tempo Migliore album art I Pooh* Un Po' Del Nostro Tempo Migliore (Album) CBS CBS 69118 Italy 1975 Sell This Version
42 CBS 69212 Pooh - Forse Ancora Poesia album art I Pooh* Forse Ancora Poesia (Album) CBS 42 CBS 69212 Italy 1975 Sell This Version
42 CBS 86015 Pooh - Poohlover album art I Pooh* Poohlover (Album) CBS 42 CBS 86015 Italy 1976 Sell This Version
CGD 20012 Pooh - Rotolando Respirando album art I Pooh* Rotolando Respirando (Album) CGD CGD 20012 Italy 1977 Sell This Version
30 CGD 20077 Pooh - Boomerang album art Pooh Boomerang (Album) CGD 30 CGD 20077 Italy 1978 Sell This Version
331-0166 Pooh - Dame Solo Un Minuto album art I Pooh* Dame Solo Un Minuto(LP, Album) CBS 331-0166 Ecuador 1978 Sell This Version
PLD 4249 Pooh - Viva album art Pooh Viva (Album) CGD PLD 4249 US 1979 Sell This Version
GP 768 Pooh - Hurricane album art I Pooh* Hurricane (Album) CGD GP 768 Japan 1979 Sell This Version
K28P-149 Pooh - ... Stop album art Pooh ... Stop (Album) CGD K28P-149 Japan 1980 Sell This Version
K28P221 Pooh - Buona Fortuna album art Pooh Buona Fortuna (Album) CGD K28P221 Japan 1981 Sell This Version
30 CGD 21210 Pooh - Palasport album art Pooh Palasport (Album) CGD 30 CGD 21210 Italy 1982 Sell This Version
CGD 20373 Pooh - Tropico Del Nord album art Pooh Tropico Del Nord (Album) CGD CGD 20373 Italy 1983 Sell This Version
Lv 075004 Pooh - Aloha album art Pooh Aloha (Album) CGD Lv 075004 UK 1984 Sell This Version
CGD-20471 Pooh - Asia Non Asia album art Pooh Asia Non Asia (Album) CGD CGD-20471 Italy 1985 Sell This Version
30 CGD 20537 Pooh - Giorni Infiniti album art Pooh Giorni Infiniti (Album) CGD 30 CGD 20537 Italy 1986 Sell This Version
2CDS 6042 Pooh - Goodbye album art Pooh Goodbye (Album) CGD 2CDS 6042 Italy 1987 Sell This Version
CDS 6064 Pooh - Il Colore Dei Pensieri album art Pooh Il Colore Dei Pensieri (Album) CGD CDS 6064 Germany 1987 Sell This Version
30 CGD 20852 Pooh - Oasi album art Pooh Oasi (Album) CGD 30 CGD 20852 Italy 1988 Sell This Version
1152431 Pooh - Uomini Soli album art Pooh Uomini Soli (Album) CGD 1152431 Benelux 1990 Sell This Version