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Beyond was a Hong Kong rock band that formed in 1983. The band became prominent in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and Mainland China. The band was, and still is, widely considered as the most successful and influential Cantonese music group from Hong Kong. In 1993, the founder of the group Wong Ka Kui died due to an accident while filming a show at Fuji Television in Tokyo. Beyond continued to perform and record after 黃家駒's death. In 2005, the remaining members Paul Wong, 黃家強 and Yip Sai Wing decided to pursue their own solo careers, and Beyond officially disbanded.



CP-5-002K Beyond (15) - 亞拉伯跳舞女郎 album art Beyond (15) 亞拉伯跳舞女郎 (Album) Kinn's Music CP-5-002K Hong Kong 1987 Sell This Version
CP-5-0022 Beyond (15) - 舊日足跡  album art Beyond (15) 舊日足跡 (Album) Cinepoly CP-5-0022 Hong Kong 1988 Sell This Version
CP-5-0019 Beyond (15) - 秘密警察 album art Beyond (15) 秘密警察 (Album) Cinepoly Records Co., Ltd. CP-5-0019 Hong Kong 1988 Sell This Version
KN4-1 Beyond (15) - 現代舞台 album art Beyond (15) 現代舞台 (Album) Kinn's Music KN4-1 Hong Kong 1988 Sell This Version
CP-5-0028 Beyond (15) - Beyond IV album art Beyond (15) Beyond IV (Album) Cinepoly CP-5-0028 Hong Kong 1989 Sell This Version
CP-5-0037 Beyond (15) - 真的見證 album art Beyond (15) 真的見證 (Album) Cinepoly CP-5-0037 Hong Kong 1989 Sell This Version
none Beyond (15) - 黑色迷墻 電影原聲音樂 album art Beyond (15) 黑色迷墻 電影原聲音樂(CD, Album) Kinn's Music Productions none Hong Kong 1989 Sell This Version
CP-D-0004 Beyond (15) - 大地 album art Beyond (15) 大地 (Album) Cinepoly CP-D-0004 Taiwan 1990 Sell This Version
CP-2-0049 Beyond (15) - 命運派對 album art Beyond (15) 命運派對 (Album) Cinepoly Records Co., Ltd. CP-2-0049 Hong Kong 1990 Sell This Version
CP-2-0059 Beyond (15) - Deliberate 猶豫 album art Beyond (15) Deliberate 猶豫 (Album) Cinepoly CP-2-0059 Hong Kong 1991 Sell This Version
KM91-3-02 Beyond (15) - 再見理想 album art Beyond (15) 再見理想(CD, Album, RE) Kinn's Management KM91-3-02 Hong Kong 1991 Sell This Version
CP-D-0005 Beyond (15) - 光輝歲月 album art Beyond (15) 光輝歲月(CD, Album) Cinepoly CP-D-0005 Taiwan 1991 Sell This Version
4509-90222-2 Beyond (15) - 繼續革命 album art Beyond (15) 繼續革命 (Album) Amuse, Fun House, Warner Music Hong Kong 4509-90222-2 Hong Kong 1992 Sell This Version
RD-1182 Beyond (15) - 信念 Belief album art Beyond (15) 信念 Belief (Album) Rock Records & Tapes RD-1182 Taiwan 1992 Sell This Version
FHDF-1211 Beyond (15) - リゾ·ラバ ~International~ album art Beyond (15) リゾ·ラバ ~International~(CDr, MiniAlbum, Single) Fun House FHDF-1211 Japan 1992 Sell This Version
FHCF-2031 Beyond (15) - 超越 album art Beyond (15) 超越(CD, Promo) Fun House FHCF-2031 Japan 1992 Sell This Version
RD-1215 Beyond (15) - 海闊天空  album art Beyond (15) 海闊天空 (Album) Amuse RD-1215 Hong Kong 1993 Sell This Version
4509-92829-2 Beyond (15) - 樂與怒 album art Beyond (15) 樂與怒 (Album) Warner Music Hong Kong, Amuse, Fun House 4509-92829-2 Hong Kong 1993 Sell This Version
KB-3 Beyond (15) - Live 88 album art Beyond (15) Live 88(CD, Album) Kinn's Music Productions KB-3 Hong Kong 1993 Sell This Version
4509 93870-2 Beyond (15) - Words & Music : Final Live With 家駒 album art Beyond (15) Words & Music : Final Live With 家駒(CD, Album) Amuse, WEA, Warner Music Hong Kong 4509 93870-2 Hong Kong 1993 Sell This Version
91602-4 Beyond (15) - 無盡空虛 album art Beyond (15) 無盡空虛(Cass) Warner Music Hong Kong 91602-4 Hong Kong 1993 Sell This Version
SKPC-2043, RC-5009K Beyond (15) - 二樓後座 album art Beyond (15) 二樓後座 (Album) Rock Records & Tapes, Amuse, Fun House SKPC-2043, RC-5009K South Korea 1994 Sell This Version
RD-1263 Beyond (15) - Paradise album art Beyond (15) Paradise(CD, Album) Rock Records & Tapes RD-1263 Taiwan 1994 Sell This Version
RD-1335 Beyond (15) - 愛與生活 album art Beyond (15) 愛與生活 (Album) Rock Records & Tapes RD-1335 Taiwan 1995 Sell This Version
ROD-5058 Beyond (15) - Sound album art Beyond (15) Sound(CD, Album) Rock Records & Tapes ROD-5058 Hong Kong 1995 Sell This Version

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September 29, 2021
I am a beyond fan from China, and their songs fill me with strength and self-confidence, making me feel there.


April 14, 2021
No one, this is where beyond fans come from!!! I hope more and more people will comment on it in the future. Please wait...

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