Real Name:
Никола Козић (Nikola Kozić)
ZYCE is the name of the psy-progressive solo project from Nikola Kozic, who has become one of the most talented electronic music producers from Serbia. Music has always played a big part of his life, as from a young age he performed as a guitarist in several Rock and Reggae bands, until he found a big interest and passionate attraction to electronic dance music, and so the ZYCE project was officially born.
His debut album "Hyper Cube" was released in 2008 on Synergetic records, and with the successful launch of the album he was instantly approached by several labels where very soon he started releasing several tracks on various major psy-progressive labels such as Spin Twist, Iboga, Iono Music, Blue Tunes and more. This was soon followed by his second album "Transgressive" that was released on Spin Twist Records around early 2010, gaining him instant global recognition and securing him performances at some of the biggest festivals at Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Portugal, Israel, Germany, France…
At the end of the 2010, Nikola decided to establish the "TesseracTstudio" label, which very soon became known for their consistency as a label that quickly gained them the deserved recognition, and importantly became a vital platform for several emerging Serbian artists and friends.
It was also decided that his third album "8 Cell" was to be a full collaboration with the friend and well known Serbian project ‘Flegma’. 8 Cell was released on the TesseracTstudio label during 2011, and proudly reached the no 1 spot on the Psyshop charts. With much anticipation from fans to release a full solo album, Nikola decided that on the 21 December 2012 date to launch his fourth studio album ‘Alignment’, which he did and the ZYCE project gained massive momentum and even bigger global support than initially anticipated, catapulting his career to one of the most sought after and highest booked names in the business today.
After three and half years of circumnavigating the globe, with regular performances at some of the most established events on the planet, it was time to announce the release of his latest and fifth studio album, aptly titled ‘Fifth Dimension’ to be released during the fifth month of 2016, ‘Fifth Dimension’ is without doubt the best work we’ve seen from this highly talented and extremely passionate young artist, showcasing a vast array of maturity and his unbelievable skill to effortlessly transport you through the various sound landscapes that he presents the listener to with his latest album ‘Fifth Dimension’.
Known for his hard work ethic and dedicated studio hours, along with his unique and passionate approach to music, ZYCE delivers a very positive and intelligent message, that when combined with his highly energetic live performances, it always guarantees memorable dance floor experiences. Driven by originality and pure creativity, ZYCE continually raises the bar, always assuring fans that the best is yet to come…



SPN1CD034 Zyce - Transgressive album art Zyce Transgressive(CD, Album) Spintwist Records SPN1CD034 Germany 2010 Sell This Version
TESD0020 Zyce - 8Cell album art Zyce & Flegma Zyce & Flegma - 8Cell (Album) TesseracTstudio TESD0020 Serbia 2011 Sell This Version
TESD0048 Zyce - Alignment album art Zyce Alignment (Album) TesseracTstudio TESD0048 Serbia 2013 Sell This Version
TESD0112 Zyce - Fifth Dimension album art Zyce Fifth Dimension (Album) TesseracTstudio TESD0112 Serbia 2016 Sell This Version
TESD0247 Zyce - Time album art Zyce Time (Album) TesseracTstudio TESD0247 Serbia 2018 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

PQ160 Zyce - Perception album art Zyce Perception(4xFile, MP3, EP, 320) Plusquam Records PQ160 Germany 2009
MIKROD001 Zyce - Strange Fragments album art Zyce Strange Fragments(3xFile, MP3, Maxi, 320) Mikrokosmos Records MIKROD001 Serbia 2010
TESD0011 Zyce - L'apstraction album art Zyce L'apstraction(2xFile, WAV, EP) TesseracTstudio TESD0011 Serbia 2010
TESD0005 Zyce - Serpent (The Remixes) album art Funky Dragon & Zyce Funky Dragon & Zyce - Serpent (The Remixes)(7xFile, WAV, EP) TesseracTstudio TESD0005 Serbia 2010
SYNCD103 Zyce - Nine Gates album art Zyce Nine Gates(2xFile, MP3, EP, 320) Synergetic Records SYNCD103 Germany 2011
TESD0022 Zyce - Technology album art Zyce Technology(2xFile, WAV, EP) TesseracTstudio TESD0022 Serbia 2011
SYNCD184 Zyce - Extasy album art Zyce Extasy(2xFile, MP3, EP, 320) Synergetic Records SYNCD184 Germany 2012
TESD0034 Zyce - Fluting album art Spinney Lainey And Zyce Spinney Lainey And Zyce - Fluting(3xFile, MP3, EP, 320) TesseracTstudio TESD0034 Serbia 2012
SOC1DW019 Zyce - Experience Of Life (The Remixes) album art Zyce Experience Of Life (The Remixes)(4xFile, MP3, EP, 320) Solar Tech Records SOC1DW019 Germany 2013
TESD0060 Zyce - Apollo 13 album art Zyce Apollo 13(File, MP3, Single, 320) TesseracTstudio TESD0060 Serbia 2013
IBOGADIGITAL144 Zyce - We Come In Peace album art Liquid Soul (3), Solar Kid, Zyce Liquid Soul (3), Solar Kid, Zyce - We Come In Peace (Single) Iboga Records IBOGADIGITAL144 Denmark 2014
TESD0069 Zyce - Black Sheep In A Herd Of Geese album art Talpa & Zyce Talpa & Zyce - Black Sheep In A Herd Of Geese (EP) TesseracTstudio TESD0069 Serbia 2014
TESD0072 Zyce - Apollo 13 (Sad Paradise Remix) album art Zyce Apollo 13 (Sad Paradise Remix)(File, MP3, Single, 320) TesseracTstudio TESD0072 Serbia 2014
IBOGADIGITAL204 Zyce - Science Fiction album art Liquid Soul (3) | Solar Kid | Zyce Liquid Soul (3) | Solar Kid | Zyce - Science Fiction (Single) Iboga Records IBOGADIGITAL204 Denmark 2015
TESD0125 Zyce - Tidal album art Zyce & Sonic Entity Zyce & Sonic Entity - Tidal(File, FLAC, Single) TesseracTstudio TESD0125 Serbia 2017
TESD0150 Zyce - Opasne Frekvencije album art Zyce, Freaked Frequency Zyce, Freaked Frequency - Opasne Frekvencije(File, MP3, Single, 320) TesseracTstudio TESD0150 Serbia 2017
TESD0130 Zyce - Pure Light album art Zyce & Suduaya Zyce & Suduaya - Pure Light(File, FLAC, Single) TesseracTstudio TESD0130 Serbia 2017
TESD0169 Zyce - Messier album art Zyce Messier(2xFile, MP3, EP, 320) TesseracTstudio TESD0169 Serbia 2018
TESD0350 Zyce - Fantasy Dance - In Dub album art Zyce Fantasy Dance - In Dub(2xFile, WAV, EP) TesseracTstudio TESD0350 Serbia 2020


SYNCD26 Zyce Synergy(CD, Comp) Synergetic Records SYNCD26 Austria 2008 Sell This Version