N.M.L. No More Landmine

No More Landmine [N.M.L.] was a project started in 2001 by Ryuichi Sakamoto to raise awareness of land mines danger around the world. This cause has been supported by different individuals and organizations, including Princess Diana, His Holiness The Dalai Lama and ICBL (International Campaign to Ban Landmines, which received the 1997 Nobel Peace Prize). Sakamoto met a Scottish man Chris Moon, who lost his hand and leg while removing a land mine, and traveled with him to Mozambique, to the original site where this tragic event happened.

Sakamoto built a root for his 'musical journey' over countries which are most damaged by land mines: The Korean Peninsula, Cambodia, connecting through India and Tibet to Bosnia and finally over to African continent, Angola and Mozambique. He invited a wide array of Japanese and foreign artists to participate in recording of each musical segment, also adding samples of ethnic and traditional music. David Sylvian wrote lyrics for the main song, and Ryu Murakami translated them into Japanese. Kraftwerk sent a 'sound logo' titled Zero Landmine over the Internet, which was the first time Sakamoto ever heard from the band in 20 years. Other contributions include Brian Eno sounds, DJ Krush and EYƎ Yamataka scratches, Arto Lindsay guitar.

Japanese artists
Taeko Ohnuki
Kazutoshi Sakurai (Mr.Children)
Miwa Yoshida and Masato Nakamura (Dreams Come True)
Takahiro Nishikawa (ex-Dreams Come True)
Motoharu Sano
Hideki Matsutake
Teru and Takuro (Glay)
Ryuichi Sakamoto (keyboards, piano)
Haruomi Hosono (bass)
Yukihiro Takahashi (drums)
Sugizo (guitar)
DJ Krush (scratches)

Foreign artists
Brian Eno
Cyndi Lauper
David Sylvian
Dok-su Kim
Steve Jansen (drums)
Kraftwerk ("Zero Landmine" sound logo)
Waldemar Bastos
Jaques Morelenbaum


Singles & EPs

WPC6-10126 N.M.L. No More Landmine - Zero Landmine album art N.M.L. No More Landmine Zero Landmine (Maxi, Single) WEA Japan WPC6-10126 Japan 2001 Sell This Version


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January 30, 2013
This is a once in a lifetime project between David Sylvian and Sakamoto. The only single has different cover versions. Made as a kind of live-aid studio project. The real sensation here is the contribution of the legendary KRAFTWERK ! ! ! ! ! ! They open the song. By the way, the song itself is a typical kitschy tune and the "B"-side version is worth listening as a D.S. fan.

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